Our vineyard


In the vineyard, our wine-growers are commited to producing grapes with quality while ensuring the protection of the environment. The soil work and traditions go hand in hand with modern equipments.

Oenologist, vineyard engineer, cellarmen, all are in charge of the parcel selection and have a perfect vinification knowledge. All of that leads to a faithfull product which embodies wonderfully the cévennol characteristics.



A favourable climate

Located in the Cévennes feet and exposed to the wind and sun, our lands give us heat and character.

Soils varieties

Clayed, chalky and siliceous soils, all differents in the same area help to the good development of the vine.

A large number of grape varieties

Chardonnay, Muscat, Grenache, Sauvignon Blanc, Alicante and Merlot, our grape varieties diversity is rich and is entirely adaptable in our soils.

Our philosophy: a farming of quality

We strive for obtain a high potential in our grapes. Our parcels are separate according to the nature (marl, gravel, lime and so on), the soils age and of course the grape variety. A control board formed by wine-growers and a vineyard engineer note the vineyard and the ripeness evolutions. After the mechanical harvest and the grapes reception in the winery, a second selection is done which driving to vinify without a lot of physical interventions in order to obtain varied products.